This model of alembic is the hydraulic closing type made in copper by specialized craftsmen with experience covering generations.

In the price are included the thermometer and the copper separation rack.

The hydraulic alembic is an evolution of the traditional copper alembic used for centuries for the distillation.

The benefit of the hydraulic alembic lies in the fact that you don't have to apply a filler to obtain the air tightness of the alembic during the distillation. This air tightness is achieved by filling with water the cleavage that surrounds the alembic and by putting the helmet over it.

The hydraulic alembic is completely welded and it's a resistant alembic.


The hydraulic alembic is used por every kind of distillations:

  • Distillation of firewater, distillation of rum, distillation of fruits, distillation of gin and distillation of liquors in general.

  • Distillation of plants, distillation of essential oils destined to the extraction of scents, soaps, etc.

The still it consists of three parts:

The cooking pot or boiler: It's the part of the alembic where we put the element we want to distillate.

Helmet: It's the upper part of the alembic from where the vapour travels down to the cooling condenser through the tube uniting them.

The cooling condenser: The part of the alembic where the vapour is cooling and condensing and where the distillate comes up.