Copper Pot Still or Distiller for Plants of 5 liters with thermometer


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Alembic for plants of 5 liters.

The alembic is an evolution from the traditional alembic made in copper, conceived to distill plants and for the extraction of essential oil destined to the preparation of aromas, soaps, etc.

Les avantages:
- Il comporte un support à mi-hauteur dans la cuve sur lequel s'appuie la grille de séparation, de cette manière, à la différence des alambiques à colonne, la contenance en eau et en plante est la même. Dans ceux à colonne, la contenance de la colonne est inférieure à celle de la chaudière.
- Il est plus simple à manipuler que l'alambique à colonne.

The Alembic for plants is composed of three parts:

The still pot in where to put the element to distill.
The lid : The steam cross the lid before going to the condenser. To be sure the steam doesn't escape, it will be better to insulate this lid with a mixture made with water and flour.
Condenser. It's in this Condenser where the steam is condensed and the final product goes out.

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Alembic for plants of 5 liters with thermometer

D: 20 cm. H: 18 cm. Dc: 20 cm. Hc: 27 cm. Ds: 14 cm. Hs: 16 cm. 

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