Traditional Copper Still to 80 liters, thermometer, Breathalyzer, all inclusive


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Alembic traditional to 80 liters, thermometer, Breathalyzer, all inclusive

Copper alembic. This alembic is traditional. This kind of alembic has been used for centuries for all types of distillations. It is made by craftsmen with a long experience in alembics made by hand.
The alembic works very well and besides it can be a beautiful object to decorate the room.

The traditional alembic is composed of three parts:

The still pot in where to put the element to distill.
The lid : The steam cross the lid before going to the condenser. To be sure the steam doesn't escape, it will be better to insulate this lid with a mixture made with water and flour.
Condenser. It's in this Condenser where the steam is condensed and the final product goes out.

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Traditional Copper Still to 80 liters, thermometer, Breathalyzer, all inclusive

Type of use: Distillation of liquors of all kinds. It is used for home use, by advanced amateurs and in industry.
Material: Pure copper. Lead-free solders.
Assembly: Extremely simple simply by following the photo. The closure is achieved with a dough of flour and water or clay at the joints. This dough of flour and water is placed with the fingers.
Cleaning: Instructions for first use and maintenance are sent. The rule; wipe with vinegar and rinsed with water before use.
Care: Do not store wet. Store the alembic well dry and in a dry and ventilated place.

Thickness of the bottom of the pot........ 1,2 mm

Thickness of the wings of the pot ......... 0,8 mm

D: 55,0 cm. H: 45,0 cm. Dc: 30,0 cm. Hc: 40,0 cm. Ds: 38,0 cm. Hs: 47,0 cm.

weight: 21,5 kg  


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