Alembic Gin Distiller to 5 liters


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Alembic Gin Distiller to 5 liters

The Gin alembics are specifically designed for the distillation of that liqueur.

The main contribution is the column with its grille on which you can place the botanical elements you will use.

Since the column helps for the rectification, it's also suitable for Rum and Whisky.

The alembic is made of three parts:

The cooking pot or boiler: It's the part of the alembic where we put the element we want to distillate.

Helmet: It's the upper part of the alembic from where the vapour travels down to the cooling condenser through the tube uniting them.

The cooling condenser: The part of the alembic where the vapour is cooling and condensing and where the distillate comes up.

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Alembic Gin Distiller to 5 liters

Type of use: Distillation of speciality spirits. It is used by advanced amateurs and in industry.
Material: Pure copper. Lead-free solders.
Assembly: Extremely simple simply by following the photo. The closure is achieved with a dough of flour and water or clay at the joints. This dough of flour and water is placed with the fingers.
Cleaning: Instructions for first use and maintenance are sent. The rule; wipe with vinegar and rinsed with water before use.
Care: Do not store wet. Store the alembic well dry and in a dry and ventilated place.

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