Copper Bain Marie Distiller 200 litres


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200 liter copper water bath alembic

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200 liter copper water bath alembic

The bain-marie alembic is really a still inside another with a chamber between them, which makes the bain-marie. The bain-marie alembic is closed to water, and is made of copper by specialized craftsmen with generations of experience.

The bain-marie alembic is an evolution of the traditional copper alembic used for centuries for distillation.

    The advantage of the bain-marie alembic lies in the quality of the distillate. In the distillation with this still, the fire does not touch the interior bottom of the still, so the quality of the distillate is much higher. In the bain-marie alembic it is not necessary to apply any putty to achieve the sealing of the alembic during distillation. This tightness is achieved by filling a small channel that surrounds the still with water and placing the lid on top.

    The bain-marie alembic is totally welded and is a resistant alembic. There should never be no liquid between the walls of the bain-marie.

    The bain-marie alembic is used for all kinds of quality distillations:
          Distillation in general. Especially for the distillation of fruits.

alambique baño maria de 200 litros

alambique baño maria desmontado

The bain-marie alembic has a water seal and threaded connections.

cierre a agua del alambique de baño maria

The bottom separation copper grid is included in the price.

rejilla de cobre del alambique de baño maria 200 litros

The Alembic Bain Marie is composed of 3 parts.

- The still pot in which we put the element we want to distill:

caldera del alambique de cobre de  baño maria

caldera alambique baño maria

- The lid : the upper part by where the steam passes.

tapa alambique baño maria.png

alambique de baño maria tapa.png

- The condenser. It's in this condenser where the steam is condensed and the element distilled goes out.

serpentin alambique cobre 200 litros  baño maria.png

The Alembic Bain Marie is composed of two copper insides between whitch the water is introduced. This working system has 3 advantages:

- The product to be distilled never touches the fire.

- The final quality of the product is generally better because the distillation is done more slowly.

- You don't need to insulate the closing with a mixture made of flour.

It's a very strong and heavy alembic.

Thickness of the bottom of the pot....... 1,5 mm
Thickness of the wings of the pot ........ 0,9 mm


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