Copper Column alambic 20 litres Thermometer included


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Column  alambic in copper (20 litres) Thermometer included

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Column  alambic in copper (20 litres) Thermometer included

The 15 liters column alembic also called semiindustrialist made in copper. The column alembic is a variation of the traditional alembic. The same alembic has been used for centuries for the distillation of firewater, liqueurs, oils and perfumes.
It's hand-made and it has been made by craftsmen with a long experience that goes back to generations.Besides the fact it's perfectly working, this alembic is a beautiful object for decoration.

The column alembic is composed of four parts:

- The still pot in which we put the element we want to distill.
- The column, in which the element to be distilled has to be put.
- The lid : the upper part by where the steam passes. To be sure the steam doesn't escape, it will be better to insulate this lid with a mixture made with water and flour.
- The condenser. It's in this condenser where the steam is condensed and the element distilled goes out.

This alembic is particularly recommanded for the distillation of essential oils and plants, due to the fact that the water never touches the element that we want to distillate, which gives a high purity to the product distillated.

In the column alembic, the water is heated up until its evaporation, then the steam rises in the column and carries away the volatile components of the alcohols and plants.

Advantages of the column alembic:
- The column alembic can work like a traditional alembic (ideal for the distillation of liquids) if you turn or take off the column.
- The column alembic is also called semiindustrial because the water can be heated up more rapidly and time can

be saved. It's possible to make a distillation of 2, 3 or 4 times the capacity of the column, thanks to the fact that it's possible to empty and fill the column again without the need of heating the water again. Our column alembic is totally sold (without rivets) so it's stronger and more watertight.

Multipurpose alembic, you can distill plants and liquors.
Type of use: It is designed for the comfortable and efficient distillation of plants. It can also be used as the traditional type. It is used in a home environment, and for small tests in industries.
Material: Pure copper. Lead-free solders.
Assembly: Extremely simple simply by following the photo. The closure is achieved with a dough of flour and water or clay at the joints. This dough of flour and water is placed with the fingers.
Cleaning: Instructions for first use and maintenance are sent. The rule; wipe with vinegar and rinsed with water before use.
Care: Do not store wet. Store the alembic well dry and in a dry and ventilated place.

D:    30,5 cm. H:    28,0 cm. Dc:   22,0 cm. Hc:   25,0 cm. Dco:  17,0 cm. Hco:  22,0 cm. Ds:   16,0 cm. Hs:   21,0 cm.  Peso  8,5 kg.


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